S-1 Kimball Console Piano   $850.00 Sun Cline Bok
S-2 Deluxe Paint Package  $650.00 A Glowing Auto Paint
S-3 Snorkel Trip for 12 People  $600.00 Divers Den
S-4 Extended Basic Program  $600.00 Fred Astaire Dance Studios
S-5 One Week Stay in a Park Model Home   $884.00 Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort
S-6 $2,500 of Treatment for Dental Health  $2,500.00 Emerald Coast Dental Spa
S-7 Advanced Private Dive Class/Certification  for 2 People  $800.00 Frogman Divers
S-8 2002 Ford F150 Pickup Truck  $5,000.00  Min Bid $2,000.00 Bay County Sheriff
S-9 Pair of Season tickets  $500.00 Bay Arts Alliance
S-10 100 1bs  Head On Shrimp  $500.00 Tarpon Dock Seafood
S-11 14 kt Emerald with 1ctw of Diamond Necklace  $5,000.00 Tracy's Fine Jewelry at Coin & Bullion Reserve
S-12 3G Hammer Stepper Fitness Bike  $640.00  Min Bid$200.00 Steve's Bike Shop
S-13 Samsung Full HD Video Security System  $500.00 Sam's Club
S-14 Commercial Production  $595.00 WMBB
S-15 Commercial Production  $595.00 WMBB
S-16 1982 30' Sea Ray  $12,000.00  $5,000.00 Patrick Leonpacher
S-17 1974 25' Hunter Sailboat  $4,000.00  Min Bid $1,600.00 Georgeanna Bonnert

S-18 Clover Point of Sale System $1,600.00  Merchant Management Group

25th Annual AMIkids Panama city marine institute auction
850-522-9278 on June 10th