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  • When does a disruptive child become one who is on the verge of becoming something worse?
  • Can a teen who has been arrested be saved?
  • When should someone step in and lend a guiding hand in the right direction?
  • The fact remains there are countless numbers of students who must be removed from public schooling and over 2 million teens arrested every year. Where do families and communities go to seek help when all else has seemed to fail?

The faculty and staff at PCMI can help to answer many of these questions.

The AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute (PCMI) is a non-profit alternative education program for at-risk kids ages 14-18. AMIkids PCMI is one of 56 programs in 8 states affiliated with AMIkids, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our facility’s location on St. Andrews Bay offers a wide range of opportunities for the kids we serve to learn about their relationship with our environment.
Our AMIkids Personal Growth Model service delivery combines education, treatment and behavior modification to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to the needs of our kids resulting in over 76% of our kids having a successful transition back into the community.
We know there is a future for every kid.
In it, we see hope, excitement, discovery, promise and success. But, there is work that needs to be done right now.
Our Goals
• Reduction of Juvenile Crime
• Increase in Academic Gains
• Increase in Employability Skills
• Increase in Community Service

AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute


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