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24th Annual
24th Annual AMIkids Panama city marine institute auction

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AMIkids Panama City Marine Inst.

850-522-9278 on June 18th

The AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute (PCMI) is a non-profit alternative education program for at-risk kids ages 14-18. AMIkids PCMI is one of 56 programs in 8 states affiliated with AMIkids, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Our facility’s location on St. Andrews Bay offers a wide range of opportunities for the kids we serve to learn about their relationship with our environment.
Our AMIkids Personal Growth Model service delivery combines education, treatment and behavior modification to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to the needs of our kids resulting in over 76% of our kids having a successful transition back into the community.
We know there is a future for every kid.

AMIkids PCMI TV Auction

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PC Board

Channel wmbb tv 13 on June 18th, 2016

Auction Instructions: The auction will take place on WMBB 13 on June 18th starting at 11 am. The first hour will feature the K board and by the end of the first hour, all bids will close and the winners will be contacted by telephone. Every hour another board will open for bidding until all 5 boards are completed.

 To bid, call 850-522-9278 and place your bid. You will need to activate your bidder number or request a number, the operator will help you. All we need is a name and a call-back number to get you a bidder number. If you have bid before, we will have your old number on file. Whenever you call in a bid, tell the operator the number of the item you want to bid on, your bidder number, and your bid. Its that easy! At the end of the hour we will close that board and start a new one with new items. You can pick up your items that day at PCMI or the next day from 1-4 pm or during business hours the next week.